With the summer long behind us and the winter months getting ever closer, now's a great time to address any issues affecting the heating system in your vehicle. As the temperatures drop down every night and into the mornings, you may have already tried to turn on your vehicle's heater, only to find that warm air isn't blowing out, or perhaps there's a strange sound or smell coming from that area. We understand how important having heat is once winter hits us here in Houston. That's why, if you're currently experiencing problems with your vehicle's heating system, we invite you to have it taken care of by our expert technicians at Superior Subaru of Houston today!

Your heater works by radiator fluid running through your engine and through pipes into a heater core, where the hot coolant is then stored. A fan then blows air from that hot coolant into your cabin, where it in turn warms your cabin and you. When your heater isn't working, there's a problem somewhere along the line in this process. Our Subaru technicians have ample experience fixing heaters and can get the job done quickly and correctly every time. Whether hot air no longer comes out of your vents, when you turn your heater on you smell something strange or it's begun to make noises, we can get it straightened out and have your heat working at 100 percent again in no time!

With colder approaching every day and into every night, we encourage you to schedule a service appointment online or come see us in our service center at your earliest convenience to ensure that your vehicle is properly heated before winter gets into full swing. While you're here, we can look over the rest of your vehicle during a multi-point inspection and address any issues that are affecting your vehicle so you can drive with complete confidence throughout the winter and beyond!

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